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This Is Us....

 Grab your blanky, beverage of  choice, and let's snuggle up....

I’m Courtney, the founder of Nomi+Sibs.  I am a mom to two beautiful girls, Niaomi and Sloane, who after having them made me realize that my marketing career would suddenly look much different moving forward.  Most people who know me would tell you I've always had an entrepreneurial side - partly from my own determination to do things my way but because in my nearly 10 years of experiencing in corporate America, I'd yet to really find my place.  I know so many of you can relate...I refused to be that person who just worked to a pay-check and convince myself that happiness didn't matter. No way, not me!  

It wasn't until I had Niaomi, now almost 4 years old, that I  knew I was done being unhappy in my career and I needed to really dig deep and figure out what I was going to do next.  Then a lightbulb moment happened as we began preparing for Niaomi's adventure to preschool.  And bring on the tape bottle labels.  I knew there had to be a more efficient way to label her bottles - something that didn't require me to relabel over and over again because it fell apart in the dishwasher or after spending time in hot soapy water.

And, thus, The NOMI label was born.

The vision was simple, to responsibly manufacture safe, sustainable, toxin-free, adaptable, labeling solutions for your children’s drinking and feeding containers.  Traditional adhesive labels on the market last only a few months, tend to fade or tear in the dishwasher, and even rub off after regular use, resulting in repeat purchase over and over again. NOMI labels offer a one-time purchase solution for your child’s labeling needs.  

As your children grow, move their labels from bottles and baby food jars to sippy cups and snack containers to thermos and sports bottles.  
It's the label that grows as they do!
We hope you love our labels as much as we do and definitely appreciate any feedback you may have.